How to find all logged in users in grails application

In this tutorial we assume that we already have grails application with Spring Security core plugin installed. We will explore how to retrieve currently logged-in users using the SessionRegistry.

What is SessionRegistry?
Maintains a registry of SessionInformation instances.

Inject sessionRegistry as a bean in resources.groovy as follows

beans = {
           sessionAuthenticationStrategy(ConcurrentSessionControlStrategy, sessionRegistry) {
                 maximumSessions = -1
               sessionRegistry = sessionRegistry
            expiredUrl = ‘/login/concurrentSession’

maximumSessions = -1 means application can create unlimited session

Using session factory we can easily get how many users are currently logged in as follows

def users = sessionRegistry.allPrincipals
GrailsUser loggedInUserInAnotherContext
println ‘All logged in users information’
users.each { user ->
        println ‘username : ’ + user.username

this gives all users information.

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